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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Gear

Between the massive selection available to motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, picking the right gear can be tricky. The type of rider you are determines the gear that you need although certain brands and product lines do prove to outperform all the rest of the competition. Make sure that you’ve got the optimal protection and highest quality possible by selecting your motorcycle gear from the recommendations in our guide. Here’s a look at an affordable, well-performing option and a high-end pick for each category, giving you the best selection for your price range & expertise.

Dirt Bike Gear

Whether you’re a racer hitting the track or an off-road enthusiast who loves taking to the bush with family and friends, every rider needs good dirt bike gear. Here are the top recommendations for dirt bike riders who want the best protection and value-for-money.


Jamiewin Goggles

Every dirt bike rider needs a good set of goggles. It’s not always easy to get decent gear when starting out so here’s an excellent pair which will keep even seasoned riders more than happy. Jamiewin Goggles come in an expansive selection of colors. You’ll struggle to find a better entry-level set of eyewear for dirt biking. The quality is on par with much higher priced offerings.

Oakley Airbrake MX Factory Pilot Collection Goggles

These great goggles from Oakley are worth every cent. Their molded polycarbonate composition delivers optically correct geometry thanks to precision contours. You can clip out the lenses quickly thanks to patented Switch-Lock technology. Oakley’s Airbrake MX Factory Pilot Collection features a Plutonite lens with an anti-fog coating and are the very best set available to demanding riders.


O’Neal Unisex 2SERIES Off-Road Helmet

The O’Neal Unisex 2SERIES Off-Road Helmet is an affordable but high-quality helmet perfect for dirt biking or motocross. It’s extremely lightweight and has fantastic ventilation and cooling. The inner plush padded liner is removable for easy cleaning and the overall look would never give away its price. You don’t get a better entry level to mid-range helmet.

Shoei Hectic VFX-W Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

When you’re looking for the best you don’t need to look further than Shoei. The Shoei Hectic VFX-W comes at a hefty price tag but every last part of it screams excellence. From the prime engineering front intake and a rear vent to the neck outlet which maximizes airflow, there is no part of this helmet that isn’t a clear step ahead of the competition. Extreme aerodynamics and an advanced integrated matrix plus construction deliver a high-performance helmet that’ll protect you from even the hardest impacts.


Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves

For a low-budget pair of gloves, the quality and overall design style will astound you. Fox makes some of the best gear around and these bomber gloves are clearly the best pair for anyone new to the sport. Seasoned professionals and experienced riders will also find value from the Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves. A range of different colors & styles is available, giving you gloves with molded polycarbonate knuckles and full a full-coverage polycarbonate ballistic plate.

Alpinestars TECH 1-ZX Gloves

The Alpinestars TECH 1-ZX are the ultimate motorcycle gloves for dirt biking, motocross, and touring. Not only are they fully compliant with FIA homologation standards, but they have better grip and comfort than any other gloves in its range. Minimal seam stitching and a 3D injected pattern make these great looking gloves which perform as good as they look. Each glove is lined with Nomex and flame-resistant cotton to give you the best feeling and optimal temperature possible.


O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boots

O’Neal motorcycle gear is renowned for its quality and value for money. The O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boots is another fine addition to their range. Injection molded plastic plates are fitted to protect you from impacts, while metal shank inserts support the shape of your boot. The four buckles use a snap-lock adjustment system and the Goodyear welt sole is perfectly balanced and the metal toe guard is protected against delamination. They give outstanding protection for the price, making these boots perfectly suited to a track or a bush path.

Alpinestars 10 Boots

The very best motorcycle boots for off-roading and track racing are the outstanding Tech 10’s from Alpinestars. The Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots offer the ultimate protection. A one-piece foot chassis utilizing five different compounds fused into a single structure guarantees that you’re fully protected without adding excessive weight to the boots. The lightweight upper uses a combination of full-grain leather, microfiber, and a TPU shell to give you an abrasion resistant boot which is also flexible and comfortable.


GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket

The Gute Motorcycle Protective Jacket gives fantastic protection for the entire upper body. The collar band covers your entire neckline while the cuffs are made from durable Lycra/mesh fabric. The kidney belt is fully adjustable and also protects your stomach, while the elbows & forearms benefit from extra padding. The basic has articulating plastic shields fitted while won’t fall off when taking a knock. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this outstanding entry-level choice. It gives such good protection that even budget-conscious competition riders may consider it.

Olympia Sports Men’s X Moto 2 Jacket

If you’re looking for a high-end jacket then the Olympia Sport Men’s X Moto 2 is your ultimate option. The outer shell is made from a blend of 500 and 2000 denier Cordura granting the maximum durability and scratch resistance possible. This also guarantees that your jacket is extremely lightweight, carrying far less bulk than competing options. Olympia has used a Mega Vent Panel System to grant unbeatable airflow at the chest, back and arms. The elbows, shoulder, and back are also protected using Motion Flex armor from Olympia. Reflective detailing finishes off this outstanding jacket, while all users will be extremely happy with the water resistance and massive selection of roomy pockets.

Street Bike Gear

Here is the best selection of gear for those driving a standard road bike. Each item on this list looks great and offers optimal protection. Most gear is available in a range of colors and sizes and you’ll also notice that all offerings are unisex as well.


HJC IS-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re looking for a mid-range helmet for use in town then the HJC IS-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is your best option. There are five different colors available and six different sizes. The advanced polycarbonate compact shell is both lightweight and grants excellent impact absorption. There is also a multi-density EPS liner fitted which helps comfortability and impact resistance. The smoke-tinted sun shield deploys with one touch and has three lockable positions. Not does this helmet deliver superior protection, but the reliable ventilation and added features like anti-scratch coating and the ability to clip in an anti-fog visor put this helmet far ahead of the competition.

Shoei Lawson X-14 Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Once again, if you’re looking for the best that you can get you can’t go wrong with Shoei. The Shoei Lawson X-14 Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet is the best that money can buy. It’s got everything that you need to be fully protected. Every last aspect of this helmet exudes quality. From the top vents to the lower air spoiler, rear stabilizer, and upper air intake vent, all areas of design as far ahead of competing helmets. Even the EPS liner features a dual-layer multi-density composition for superior comfort and protection. The entire design is outstanding. You couldn’t hope for better protection.


Cortech Men’s DX 2 Glove

The Cortech Men’s DX 2 Glove is cheap but effective. It looks great and grants excellent comfort and protection. Your hands are protected by 0.8mm palm material with ergonomic foam padding. There are also Clarino panels in the thumbs which help resist wear and tear. Your knuckles and wrists are paneled with neoprene, while full finger dexterity is granted. These are the perfect gloves for anyone who needs a cheap set for town, or a backup in case theirs ends up lost or damaged.

Highway 21 Radiant Heated Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

Highway 21 Radiant Heated Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves are one of the best pairs available. They are so durable and comfortable that they can be used in any weather conditions, over any distance. This makes them a favored choice of bikers who own cruisers. A lithium-ion battery powers the internal heating, granting three different heat settings. Your gloves are crafted from genuine leather, while the inside is lined to make it windproof and waterproof without disturbing the breathability. These gloves offer everything you need to be protected and still stay functional. For example, they’re even touch screen compatible. Highway 21 has created a winner.


Joe Rocket Velocity Mesh Jacket

A Joe Rocket Velocity Mesh Jacket is the perfect protection and looks for use in and around town. The comfort level is unparalleled thanks to a 6-point SureFit adjustment system. There are two large outside pockets and a roomy inside pocket. At just 3.4 pounds, it is extremely lightweight while the durable, quality composition ensures you’re protected. Joe Rocket’s FreeAir Mesh shell keeps you cool when you need it and locks out the cold. A quick-release waterproof liner is also included so that rain and snow is never a problem. Every part of this jacket is better than you’d expect. For example, just look at the rugged contoured armor found at the elbows & shoulders. It is far ahead of the majority of jackets in its price range.

Cruiser / Touring Bike Gear

Most riders who own cruisers or touring bikes travel further distances than the average person. Rallies, tours, and adventures across the country all require adequate protection from the elements and durability. After all, as your gear ages, it develops characters from all your journeys. Here are the best cruiser and touring bike gear for your next upgrade.


100% Unisex MX Strata Goliath Goggles

100% MX Strata Goliath Goggles have an excellent antifog, scratch resistant lens and come in 19 different colors. They are perfect for touring or extreme sport, giving your comfort and a near-complete field of vision. The plush, dual-layered face foam ensures that sweet and moisture is kept out of your eyes, while the entire construction is flexible but durable. Affordable and as comfortable as far higher priced googles, the MX Strata Goliath from 100% is ideal for anyone looking for good eyewear on a budget.

Nannini Cruiser Leather Anti-Fog Goggles

Nannini Cruiser Leather Anti-Fog Goggles are made in Italy and boast superior design, durability, and hand-sewn leather. They look and work great, making them the ideal choice for any touring biker who has to have the best. Given the brilliant design and top of the line protection, the value for money is outstanding. Weighing just 6.4 ounces and granting a fantastic field of vision, Nannini has put together the best cruiser goggles available.


Vega Helmets Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Exuding vintage charm and superior craftsmanship, this outstanding helmet is the perfect option for those looking for something affordable. The Vega Helmets Unisex Open Face Motorcycle Helmet has a shell weighing just 2.3 pounds. Despite the retro design, this helmet boasts a complete range of modern features. The Plush liner is anti-microbial and moisture wicking, while a 3-snap shorty visor is also featured, as well as a padded D-ring strap to make sure that it fits securely. It’s a top helmet for anyone who likes an open face design, with its value further increased by an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Shoei J-Cruise Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei tops touring bike helmets with its solid J-Cruise motorcycle helmet. Made specifically for touring, this 2013 model has stood the test of time. There are few open face helmets which can compare to its premier engineering. The protection is unbeatable and a rugged adjustable clear visor is featured. Noise levels are lowered significantly. The entire is comprised of a multi-piece EPS liner which covers the 3D max-dry inside. This helmet is packed with features. Shoei has added great touches like an integrated sun shield and some of the best ventilation seen. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty. The Shoei J-Cruise Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is sure to last you a lifetime and if you happen to get into an accident, you’re guaranteed optimal protection and impact absorption.


Joe Rocket Women’s Velocity 2.0 Gloves

Most motorcycle gear is unisex and pairs equally well with stunning attire for both men and women. However, if the one place where the sexes come to find a difference has to be gloves. Women need a smaller, sleeker fit in general, and most fashion-conscious riders prefer a distinct look. These Women’s Velocity 2.0 gloves from Joe Rocket in bright pink are the perfect set for any rider. The material is conductive which allows you to operate your touchscreen without any issues. The fingers and knuckles are TPR reinforced and the palm is padded. They look and work great but won’t break the bank.

Mobile Warming Unisex Heated Gloves

The Mobile Warming Unisex Heated Gloves are made from a combination of textile and leather. They connect via a 12V attachment. A Y-style wire harness is supplied so that you can use these with any jacket you prefer or you can get a compatible Mobile Warming Dual Power Jacket to prevent needing the harness at all. The knuckles and fingertips are padded and the palm features an anti-slip design. They’re also touch-screen compatible. These are easily one of the best pairs of cruiser gloves available, delivering great insulation, comfort, quality, and outstanding value for money.

Milwaukee Cruising Gloves

Every touring rider wants a good pair of leather gloves. The cost and quality of Milwaukee Cruising Gloves make them a top choice for anyone who is looking for that classic look. Comfortable enough for daily use but rugged enough to last a lifetime, they’re a great choice for all bikers, not just those that own cruisers or touring bikes.


The Milwaukee Leather Classic Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

Arriving at an unbeatable price is the stylish Milwaukee Leather Classic Police Style Motorcycle Jacket. It features rugged, long-lasting quality with solid stitching and a great overall look. The zipper is sure to last while the two lower zippered pockets accompany another snap-close storage pocket as well. Milwaukee Leather have delivered a jacket with a classic look that’ll suit just about any rider.

Alpinestars Jaws Leather Jacket

Alpinestars have once again produced a winning option for motorcycle enthusiasts. The Alpinestars Jaws Leather Jacket has unbeatable quality. The outer leather construction measures between 1.2mm and 1.4mm, which is thick enough to sustain the hardest knocks. The inner thermal liner is removable making this jacket ideal for all weather conditions. There are two zippered chest air intake vents and two zippered hand pockets. You couldn’t hope for better quality zippers nor stitching. The inner pocket is totally waterproof and the perfect place to keep your wallet. If you want the best jacket out there, you can’t go wrong with this ultra-stylish offering from Alpinestars.

Comfort, Convenience & Aesthetics

The following items will either improve the looks of your bike or lift comfort & convenience. They may not be essential but they certainly do make the rider that bit better. Some items like the USB charger mount will forever change the way that you ride.

Phone Mount – A universal phone mount will attach to your handlebars. Most good mounts will support phones up to 3.5” wide and are highly affordable. Use a mounting in combination with a Bluetooth kit for your helmet and hands-free calling is better than ever.

Bike Decal Set – Shop around to find a bike decal set that suits your color scheme and personal sense of style

Motorcycle LED Kit – Get yourself a motorcycle LED light kit. It’ll give you 12 different strip lights, a wireless remote and voice control. There are 7 solid colors and 15 combinations possible. Fitment is possible on almost any bike, adding a glow of colored illumination to anywhere that you see fit

Throttle Holder – A throttle holder lets you operate your throttle without having to squeeze the grip. Say goodbye to tired fingers on long drives.

Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack – A good waterproof backpack with secure straps and a great carry capacity is a must-have for any biker

Motorcycle Twin Interphone – Get yourself a dual interphone system for your helmet and you and your better half or riding partner will always be in voice contact while riding together

Fork Bag – A fork bag is extremely handy and finishes off the look of certain bikes very nicely. Consider fitting one if you’re not using your fork for anything else

Bluetooth Headphones for Your Helmet – If you get yourself a really good Bluetooth system for your helmet, you’ll have an intercom ready and access to music and streaming services

Handlebar USB Charger – A handlebar-mounted waterproof power adaptor with USB charger, cigarette lighter, and voltmeter takes up very little space and is a highly functional accessory for any bike. It even displays the time at a glance

Comfortable Seat Protector – Fitting a soft durable seat protector guarantees a comfortable ride and protects your bike

The Value of Durability

Keep in mind that while buying new motorcycle gear is almost always a worthwhile purchase, you need to stick to items with high durability. As a motorcycle rider, you spend a great deal of time exposed to the elements. Durability is of even higher concern to touring riders. Buy brands which are backed by stellar customer service and products which are supported by a large number of positive consumer reviews. There will, of course, be gear outside of our recommendations which gives outstanding value and performance. Just make sure that whatever you buy is lasting quality.