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The Ultimate Guide to Car Comfort

Comfort is one aspect of driving that is far too often overlooked. We spend so much time in our vehicle yet seldom contemplate what we can do to make the drive easier and more rewarding. Whether you’re looking to increase your comfort on the long road, or even just in town to the store, our ultimate guide to car comfort has you covered. We’ve listed ergonomic support cushions & pillows, essential technologies for safety & comfort, organizers, air enhancements, appliances for your car, sleeping aids, and a range of other items which will totally transform the way that you drive.

Orthopedic Seat Cushions & Support Pillows

car seat cushion

Supportive pillows and ergonomic seat cushions are so important for comfort that they’ve got a whole section of their own. You can find cushions and pillows which massage, as well as others which offer orthopedic relief through their design. Whether you’re looking for something simple to sit on or a more dedicated solution which helps your whole back, we’ve listed all the best options available.

Seat Cushion for Back, Sciatica, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain

This is about the best option for those looking for a standard cushion. There is, however, nothing standing about this seat cushion for back, sciatica, coccyx and tailbone pain. Made from high-density, heat-responsive memory foam, the U-shaped design, and overall composition ensure immediate, strategic pain relief.

Lower Back Support Pillow

A lower back support pillow like this is the perfect solution for anyone that experiences weakness & tension in the lower back and shoulders. It also helps for tightness along the spine and is one of the most affordable choices out of all the orthopedic solutions we’ve listed.

Complete Lumbar Support Pillow

A complete lumbar support pillow which spans the whole backrest and the seat that you sit on is one of the higher-end comfort purchases you can make. You’ll struggle to match its comfort with any other type of pillow. This is a comfort-buy that’ll last you for years making it a definite consideration for anyone who values quality & value-for-money.

Shiatsu Neck Massaging Pillow

Most of us can get away with nothing more than a neck massage to leave our entire back feeling great. This Shiatsu neck massaging pillow fits comfortably behind your head and neck and eases away stress and tension while you drive.

Full Back Shiatsu Massager

The ultimate car comfort item is without a doubt the full back Shiatsu massager. It comes as a complete unit which fits on top of your existing seat. The seating cushion and complete span of the backrest are fitted with kneading massaging units. No less than fourteen nodes give you the greatest tension relief possible, while a gentle warmth setting truly lifts comfort levels to a new high while loosening tight muscles better than ever. Get yourself a Shiatsu neck massager along with this full back unit and you’ve got a total massaging seat like no other.  

Technology for Your Car


Every comfortable car needs to be equipped with the right combination of gadgets and technology. Some devices will keep you safe, others elevate ease of use, certain technology brings superior practical benefits and looks great too. Here’s the high tech that you need in your car.


A dashcam is not a strict-convenience item but having one is extremely handy. It gives you the chance to guarantee that you’ve got footage of any accident that may occur. Get yourself a good dashcam and a mirror mount so that it is highly accessible.

FM Modulator

If you’re limited by a lack of high-end technology or only have a basic car radio with an AM/FM tuner, then a wireless Bluetooth FM modulator is ideal for you. It’ll let you hook up your phone to your car radio by simply tuning to a preset frequency. The age of your car sound system doesn’t make a difference.

Long Range Radar Detector

Many cell phones and GPS units have built-in tracking for speed traps. This still doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get flagged by highway patrol. Get yourself a reliable long-range radar detector and you’ll know exactly when you need to slow down. While this is not strictly a comfort item, it does make each trip far less stressful.

Heads Up Display

A heads up display for your car projects all essential information to your windshield. The extreme convenience of having your speed, rev counter, fuel and more available at a gaze is unbeatable. It also adds a high-end touch of luxury to any vehicle its fitted in.

Air Vent Phone Cradles

Everyone wants and needs easy access to their phone while on the road. An air vent mounted phone cradle with universal fitment is a great way to make sure that your phone is within reach.

Tablet Cradle

Mounting your phone may be handy but a mounted tablet has even greater functionality. Many car owners decide to keep a tablet in the car to control all their media and mobile internet needs. Simply turn on the hotspot and you’ve got a connection wherever you go. Consider mounting a tablet to each headrest if you’ve got a family to keep occupied & comfortable.

Improve Your Air Quality

air freshener

Even with an air conditioner, maintaining clear, pure air in your car isn’t always easy. Fluctuating temperatures, daily use, and a range of environmental effects & afflictions (including smelly cargo and passengers) can all make it very stuffy inside your vehicle. Set yourself up with our range of recommendations and you’ll have fresh air and a clean interior all the time.

Activated Charcoal Filters

Activated charcoal filters don’t only improve the immediate perceivable air quality, but they ensure that the air is clear from harmful microorganisms as well. Slip in a filter and replace infrequently. You’ll be quite surprised by just how long they last.


A dehumidifier keeps the air on your car free from harmful bacteria, dust, mold, mildew, and debris. When you’ve got a great portable unit running in combination with activated charcoal filters you’re guaranteed the best air quality possible.

Car Air Purifier

A 3-in-1 stainless steel HEPA filter ionizers your air, while eliminating all allergens, odors, pollen, bold and other bacteria. It charges in just a few minutes and gives outstanding battery life. This is the ideal solution for smokers but it deodorizes any smell, eliminating all harmful components by generating safe levels of ozone.

Air Freshening Sachets

It’s always good to keep a few air freshening sachets in your car. If you like to eat or smoke in your vehicle then get a good purifying deodorizer. There are lots of differently scented fresheners available as well. Many like to keep a range ready, swapping out scents which always keeps a car fresh.

Car Cleaning Gear

car vacuum

A comfortable car is a clean car but it isn’t always easy to keep a car looking great without the right equipment. Keep a handheld vacuum cleaner, a car trash can, and any of our other cleaning recommendations on hand and you’ll never have to spend an excessive amount of time keeping your car clean.

Car Trash Can

The convenience that a trash can for your car adds is severely underestimated. Keep one in your car and let your friends and loved ones know about it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how clean your vehicle usually stays.

Car Vacuum

You’ll be forever thankful that you got yourself a good car vacuum cleaner. Just don’t be tempted to take it inside or your car may not get it back. It is far better to buy yourself two.

Upholstery Protector

A comfortable car should look as good as it feels. Protect your upholstery and give it that new-car look and smell by applying a leading upholstery protector.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are always handy to have on hand. Why not mount a paper towel dispenser for the ultimate convenience? It comes filled and accepts any standardly sized paper towels.

Want to lift comfort to all new levels? Give our range of appliances for your car a try. Each is ideal for those who work in their vehicles, while the luxury convenience of a coffee maker or grill is something that’ll make traveling in your vehicle unique.

Organizers & Storage

visor organizer

Once everything in your car has a place, it’s far easier to clean and the peace of mind makes every trip a pleasure. Do yourself the favor of keeping all frequently used items sorted and you’ll be rewarded with heightened comfort & a great looking car at all times.

Back Seat Organizer

Do you have a tablet, tons of flash drives, access cards, stationery, paperwork, or lots of small tools & other items to carry around? Get a back seat organizer for each of your seats. It takes just a few minutes to install and guarantees that your items are sorted and safe.

Headrest Hanger Holder Hooks

Hang your grocery bag from a headrest hanger holder hook and save yourself tons of space. You’ll be able to pack on your seats and on the floor as well.  They’re great for getting the most room out of your car as possible.

Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer may not help immediate comfort but it does let you keep all your valuables sorted and safe while in your boot. Make the most of your boot space and get yourself a trunk organizer. A good design like this is water resistant and wipes clean with nothing more than a damp cloth. There is no easier way to maximize boot space.

Coin Side Pocket / Gap Filler

Never lose your change or have something fall down the side of your seat again by fitting a coin side pocket. Also known as a side-gap filler, this ingenious device is very simple. It slots into place giving you a convenient place for all your change and other small items.

Sun Visor Organizer

A well-designed sun visor organizer lets you tidy your interior space in seconds, storing everything conveniently for easy access. It fits quite a number of items into its area and there are discounts available on packs containing more than one, letting you keep more than one visor packed, each for a specific purpose. Hold one on hand for documents, keep another for travel out of State, they’re cheap enough to have as many as you need.


The items in this category are all comfort items which don’t quite have a place. Each offers extreme convenience & a touch of luxury while lifting car comfort to an all new level.

Steering Wheel Cover

There are lots of stylish, comfortable steering wheel covers available. Go for something with an anti-slip design or alternatively cover your steering wheel with a thick Plush covering for the ultimate comfort for your hands.

Steering Wheel Desk

A steering wheel desk attachment is perfect if you find yourself eating in your car infrequently, or especially if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. It attaches within seconds and snaps off just as easily.

Dash Grip Gel Pads

A good gel dash grip pad is one of the best convenience-buys for your car. Use these great multifunction pads to store your cell phone, house or office keys, and even loose change. They’re cheap and highly effective, handling far more weight than one would expect.

Auto Escape Tool

Once again, an auto escape tool is not really a strict comfort item but the peace of mind that it grants you makes it a must-have in every car. This unit is supplied as a two-pack, giving you and a passenger the tool needed to escape from a car in any situation. It’ll get you out of a vehicle while is sinking underwater, rolling, or on fire. There is a strike point to break window glass and a blade which will cut straight through your seat belt if you’re trapped.

Blind Spot Mirrors

You don’t have to ever be stressed out over your blind spot again when you’ve got a good blind spot mirror mounted. Each adheres to your side mirrors, giving you a clear view of the areas that you can’t normally see.

Invest in Long-Term Comfort & Convenience

There are many other ways to increase comfort in your car but pick a few items from our selection and the difference will be night-and-day. Invest a little time and effort into making your car a better place to be in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the massive difference it makes. Rigging your car for comfort doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg but remember that most things that you buy will end up being used for a very long time. Some will even outlast your car. An investment into comfort is a lasting purchase which should not be undervalued.

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